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An extra helping of plot

I made a list of some story lines that might suit the Writers’ Magazine competition but they needed fleshing a bit. The one that seemed to have instant drama was the one where the two survivors are eating one of their dead companions and wondering which of them will be next.
That led to me thinking the possibility of rescue or survival would influence what happened. If they have no hope, they may just decide to die but if they are expecting rescue, or are close to safety then another dynamic is introduced. Suppose one is big and the other small and skinny. Then the bigger chap would be stronger and better able to survive but he would represent more meat and the skinny guy would live linger. Who is the point of view character? The big guy may not be too worried, he can always choke the smaller one but the small chap needs some devious way of killing.
That’s a bit gruesome but was triggered by seeing something about the North West Passage to the Far East.
The funeral idea where the eaters wonder who will inherit as each dish is the favourite of a different person seemed all right but how does it finish? I’m not sure it would be believable.
Let me introduce an additional line of thought. Let’s assume it is in the days when there was a royal taster and the taster knows the food may be poisoned. Will he eat it? If he refuses, will he be forced to eat it or will he be forced to tell how he knows, then have to eat it? In other words, is he going to die anyway? That would depend on the ruler. Can he find a way out? The ruler loves his dogs, so that is out.
Then we have the WI scone confrontation. A’s husband is a butcher like Gillespie in ‘Best in Show’ and can influence the judge with fillet steaks and legs of lamb, but he is having an affair with B. What will he do? If B wins what will he tell his wife? I think this is one for the sequel to Best in Show.
Second helping