Title: What did Miss Kirkwood say about that?
Series: Cairndhu #1
Published by: Amazon
Release Date: Jan 2022
Pages: 406
ISBN13: 9798776013126

This is a story of how a young teacher who, having lost her fiance in 1918, tries to make her village, Cairndhu, a part of the Land Fit for Heroes, her fiance was promised he would come back to. The story is based on my experience being taught by several ladies who had no opportunity to marry and have children of their won and took us to their hearts instead. Many of us who graduated and became 'Captains of Industry' owe what we achieved to the way those ladies taught us that only our best was ever good enough and never to accept our station in life should be dictated by the past, our upbringing, or lack of money. At the same time, they taught us to honour the 'doing their best' efforts of those less gifted than ourselves.