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While fending off the unwanted attentions of the local mine owner, Peggy Kirkwood fights the demons of low self-esteem to motivate her pupils to strive for the Land Fit for Heroes her fiancé died for in 1918.The story follows Peggy from her early days as a teacher in the slums of Glasgow to her home village of Cairndhu and her tribulations with parents who want their children to have a life better then themselves and go ‘doon the pit’ to earn money and colleagues, and the local mine owner, who assure her that is all the children are good for. She gets support from some unexpected quarters and her days are brightened by the eccentricities of the locals and her sense of humour. The book takes Peggy through the difficult days after WW1 and the strikes of the mid 1920’s.
The book was written to honour those wonderful teachers who taught me in the 1940′ and 50’s, unmarried because of the loss of the young men in the Great War, who took on their classes as surrogate families.

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