The sequel to Welcome to Oakhaven. The continuing story of a typical English village with its collection of absorbing characters.
No one would object to a rest home for soldiers where they could re-establish family relationships – or could they? In order to realise his dream for rehabilitation, Colonel Cunninghame must get his ducks in a row for the Planning Committee and not count his chickens too quickly. As he has acquired both ducks and chickens for the amusement of the soldier’s children, this is not just mentally but physically. Unfortunately, in the country, foxes are fond of ducks, and chickens run riot now and then. In his plans to renovate the Manor House into flats for the soldier’s families, he’ll also have to accommodate Mrs Boniface’s poets and painters – Oakhaven wouldn’t be Oakhaven without her. On top of that, an unexploded bomb is discovered in the ruin that Elaine Jackson insists on having renovated before she will marry him.