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Covis jab side effects

I’ve had my second jab and, like the first it has engendered tiredness and a falling in my powers of concentration. The most recent incidence being walking out of the supermarket without paying. Fortunately, before the security could imprison me, a young lady, with whom I am familiar, came rushing our shouting ‘you’ve forgotten to pay,’ and I was saved a good deal of embarrassment. When I say familiar, I mean she is good enough to help me find the tins of beans and packets of oat cakes, which the store management insists in hiding from me. 

There had been an earlier lapse. I have a small coffee percolator and had ground some beans  and set the thing on the stove when I noticed a strange noise and smell and grabbed the percolator realising I had forgotten to put water in the thing. Having been brought up during the war and averse to wasting food, I naturally didn’t throw the coffee grounds away, just filled the water compartment and got on with life. It was only when I tasted the coffee that I realised it had been given and extra roast. It tasted GHASTLY, reminding me of some of those wartime recipes. There was one for ‘meat loaf ‘ made with a mixture of carrot, cabbage and cauliflower, it may even have had a pinch of rhubarb for all I remember. 

I wonder if I should notify the medical profession that one of the side effects of the injection was remembering wartime recipes for meat loaf?

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