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Looking for help

I decided to call for help in the form of a criticiser, or is it a critiquer, in the shape of Lorraine Mace. I’ve written and published nine books but I felt the need to make this one the best I could. Not for it’s own sake but for the ones that follow, and maybe even to rewrite the old ones. Welcome to Oakhaven is good but there may be ways to make it more readable. The trouble is I’m becoming fascinated by writing for its own sake, not to be literary but to give readers a more enjoyable experience. While she was alive, my wife could damn a short story, even a whole book, with a look, but I don’t have that support any more and must turn to those who can really advise. Lorraine has given me good advice in the past through stories I’ve submitted to Writers’ Forum and I’m looking forward to what she has to say in her critique. She’s also looking at the synopsis, I think its too long but not where and I want to have it right before trying to find a Literary Agent. In the meantime I have a few short stories to get out and make a start to blogs on Cairndhu and Oakhaven. What I want to do is let the blogs lead to an episode in either of my fictional villages in the short story page in this website. I’m probably trying to do too much, but that’s par for the course and my ususal policy is to do half as much twice as well.O’Reilly’s Daughter