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McNeil’s boy

The Show Might Go On is on its way to Birlinn for their consideration, or if you prefer, I have invited a publisher to print my book.

While they are thinking it over, I’m taking a wee break but have added a story, well, an incident, to the Just Living page. I wrote it as a short story but apparently it’s an anecdote, something I enjoy as it’s a slice of real life. It was my father’s favourite way of relating stories of village life, or remembering bits and pieces that showed the character of some local character.

In my own case, there have been many and I manage to put them into books like Sadie’s Boy, or, like ‘Dad and Who?’ I’ve added to the Just Living page. To give a sample, I had a friend, let’s call him McNeil after a character in the drover book I’m busy with. His wife gave birth to a boy in hospital and he went to visit. At reception, they asked him who he’d come to visit and he replied, ‘My name’s McNeil, and I’ve come to see this woman who says she’s had a child by me.’ He did eventually get to see his wife.

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