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Second helping

Of the ‘Food’ story lines on my list I would reverse the order and put the story where the two people are starving in the wilds and are eating a dead comrade and wondering who will be next at the top of the list for Writers Magazine’s competition as it fits in best with winners I’ve read in the past. I won’t discard the others, some will go on a growing list of ideas for other markets. The first married meal and the doubting bride might go for People’s Friend, for example.
I have added another to the list – the head of the crime syndicate, or the evil baron, has died and three candidates have been invited to a meeting. There is food at a top table and three pplates set there. Two are poisoned but if someone refuses to eat, they will be shot. The meals are all different, which suggests there a clue in the meals as to which is poisoned. How is it deciphered?
THere is also the chance to foretell doom with some of the other ideas. Maybe the meal is on the Titanic.
For the funeral meal there is also the idea that who will get what is indicated by the courses. The starter is the eldest son’s favourite, the main course is the second son bubt the sweet is the daughter’s favourite. What does it foretell because there is a surprise with the coffee.

Food competition