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The rush to the seaside

We all, including the BBC, think of the recent flocking to the seaside as starting with the Victorians and the railways but, according to the Daily Telegraph, recent work, particularly by Anton Wroblewski of the University of Utah and Bonnie Gulas-Wroblewski of the Texas A & M Natural Resources Institute have revealed that the idea of a trip to the seaside existed fifty eight million years ago.

According to the research, the mammals rushing to the seaside included one similar to a hippopotamus and another like a huge brown bear.

Well, if like any bear, you’d been lying in bed for three or four months, the first thing you’d want would be a good wash. For the ladies of olden days, to wash their hair and have a good chat with Barbie to catch up on who did what, as well as make themselves attractive. For the chaps – to follow the dolls and have a bit of a barny with Yogi or Paddington – just stay away from stinky Pooh, the name says it all! He’s a bit of a nut case anyway; all that being dragged along by his heel with his head bump bumping on the stairs has caused concussion and made him bad tempered recently.

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