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World Cup Rugby thoughts

I’ve been watching the World Cup Rugby. I love it, never played so sometimes the referees seem to be blind but then the referees who were in charge of our school football needed better glasses. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s only people whose eyesight is too poor to see the most obvious fouls that get through the selection panels.In rugby when they have one of those piles of bodies, they are not allowed to play the ball if they are off their feet. It’s a pile of bodies, they’rs all off their feet and the ball comes popping out on one side. There are only two explanations, one is that someone in there played the ball, the other is it came out by magic. Maybe that’s what motivated me to write a story about a Leprechaun – how would a referee see one of those wee green men – and if he did would he believe his eyes? Anyway, this leprechaun got into the scrum and naturally Ireland won. I must dig it up and put it on the website under short stories or just on here.

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