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Christmas at the Post Office

Unlike the young chap in the queue in the Post Office, you have to be relaxed to enjoy Christmas fun. The woman at the front was trying to fill in some kind of form but didn’t have the number of some form and the queue had grown past the young chap and his young son. The woman was on her phone to her husband. ‘Of course it’s in the second drawer, George. It’s a yellow…yes, THAT form, George. What’s the number? 71963. It might be 53? Could have a new form please?’ she asked the woman behind the counter. Having been married to a woman who found things I couldn’t SEE for almost sixty years, I was enjoying the marital contretemps but the wee boy was getting bored and poking around the shelves and his dad grew angry and muttered about only one counter open and the ‘manager’ doing nothing. The manager was actually busy with parcels and paperwork that was essential, I suppose. The woman finished the form and the queue moved. When the young chap got to the counter, he was all set to give the assistant a blast when the wee boy ran away. I ducked between the shelving, blocked him in, made like a monster and the wee chap thought this was a hilarious game. His dad now had too many people to be angry with and gave up. Like I say, you have to relax to enjoy Christmas.