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Lighting a Muse Fuse

Dead or dying I’d have described my muse over the last year or so but my Writing Group triggered a remarkable recovery with a challenge to write a short story on the subject of photography. I struggled for a while but, as a last resort, used this mind mapping thing and found several story lines. There was a kind of James Stewart Rear Window, where the cameraman saw something that have a clue to some criminal activity; petty or otherwise according to choice. Then there was the bride who fancied the best man and as the cameraman, or woman, checked the focus, they saw them smile to each other – had the groom been set up for a scam? In this focus moment, there are other interrelationships that could be seen, jealousy between the bridesmaids maybe, even the in-laws. In the end I settled for a group all smiling until the lawn sprinkler at the reception venue came on and created a rainbow effect – beautiful picture but it makes the mascara run.

I don’t know if it was having to dig for a story line that reawakened my interest or the freer mixing in society would have triggered it anyway, but I think it’s one of those getting jogged out of a comfort zone instances that one needs now and then.  Some people will be motivated to write about the Pandemic but if I did that, I’d wallow in self pity and I need a bit of sunshine in my life.