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Like a Highland Bull

Held a Meet the Authors morning at the local library with my friend Val Hughes, who writes childrens’ stories, paints and writes poetry, a busy lady who always has time for others. It wasn’t as good as we’d hoped. The weather was mild and sunny for a change and I think people were going out rather than to the library.

I was hoping to publicise the Highlands tale Thistledown as it has been well received by reviewers from those who like a good love story to those who want to share a bit of adventure and even the odd history buff. I enjoyed the characters and must get down to putting out the follow-up Bubbles in the Cauldron and writing the final in the trilogy, which has the working title of Invercauld. Those who know their history will know it’s the name of the ancestral home of the Findlays and chosen because the main character – protagonist – is Fergus Findlay. Thistledown gets its name from the way many Highlanders were forced to leave their crofts and drift about looking for a new home, which is what the heroine is doing. I’d put it on the back burner while I wrote some short stories, but it’s now charging ahead like a Highland Bull, with its hair hanging over its eyes and uncertain where it is going.