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O Solo Meow

At a meeting this morning I was reminded of songs the kind of which they don’t write anymore. Songs that were classics and deserve to be remembered along with the great operatic arias like Oh, Sole Mio.

Songs that have stood the test of time like the Billy Cotton, if it was Billy Cotton, Look there’s a hole in the road. Look, there’s another one, just like the other one.

The one I was reminded of at the meeting, ‘Life gets tedious,’ ran – There’s a mouse been chawing at the pantry door. He’s been chawin’ there for a month or more. When he gets in he’s sure gonna be sore. There aint a durn thing in there.

And of course the one that defined a generation – Great dinosaur like a giant lizard, cralin’ through the forest like a slow blizzard, Along comes an ape man, Aeeeeee, ape call doodly abba. If you wanna get hep man, go ape.

The trouble is, today’s vocalists can only howl and yell and haven’t got the range to do justice to those classics. Unfortunately I don’t remember the writers of these songs and can’t therefore give them the credit they are due, but hopefully someon will know and I can add the credits to this post.