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I gave up several social activities to concentrate on writing but found I was running short on ideas, decided to get out a bit more, and went along to the local coffee shop. Two well dressed ladies came and sat at the table next to me and began to talk. ‘Did Maisie’s cousin come to fix your tap?’ one asked. ‘Yes he did. I was in my underwear when he came but it was from Marks and Spencers, so it was quite respectable.’ the other answered. There’s more unsaid than said but it’s the kind of thing that stirs the imagination and I concluded that I’m one of those who need to have people around to keep my creative wires humming.
One of my favourite inspirational sites is the bus when the WI are on a trip. That’s when you hear about all kinds of human foibles and I get several episodes for another Welcome to Oakhaven or Best in Show’s Cairndhu. The big thing about those episodes is that people can identify with them, they’ve usually happened elsewhere and, in addition, they are important enough in normal life for them to be commented on.

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