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At the instigation of an article in Writers’ Forum magazine, I set about finding what and how I should write. This isn’t something new, it happens every year.

After careful examination of my present self, I realised my natural inclination is to write short pieces and let the novels stew. The benefit of short pieces, fillers and articles as well as short stories, is that I interact with the general population. It may be just through rejection slips, but I am communicating with someone and part of a community.

One thing I have done in the past is to take the monthly Writing Magazine competition and run over scenarios to fit the brief. I didn’t always write up the ideas, but it was fun and maybe it helped someone struggling for an idea. Nobody ever wrote to thank me, but the plot ideas were there and I felt I was contributing.

Some might have worried the ideas would be ‘stolen’ but even if they were, the robbers wouldn’t use the words as I would and if I enter a competition and someone else’s words are better, I can have no reason to complain.

In fact, I’ve found that things shared get better, mainly through making comparisons, or listening to comments so talking my ideas over even with my laptop is a help.