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Superteen and the Cat Girl

I’ve added a short story to the pages. The story won a third prize in the Writers’ Forum magazine so I’m quite pleased with it.

I have also had printed, through Kindle, three novels; What did Miss Kirkwood say about that; Welcome to Oakhaven; and Thistledown.

Miss Kirkwood was written to express my gratitude to all teachers, whose contribution to society is not always known or even recognised. Among the legions of graduates are many, who would have languished in unskilled jobs had it not been for the encouragement of a teacher. This was especially true in the time between WW1 and WW2 when many, who might have married and had their own families to look after, were denied that opportunity by their potential partners being killed in the trenches of Flanders. They took us to their hearts and I was lucky enough to have been taught by several of those ladies. They taught us that the disadvantages and social inferiority we saw around us could be thrown off and gave us dreams of what we could become. Their dedication and example has been a a model which many of today’s teachers have followed and they are all due recognition as heroes.